Have you ever taken a look at your hair in the mirror and it appears so dull, you begin to wonder what happened to the shiny curly hair you once knew as a child? I have. This is because once you see dull hair you immediately think it is synonymous with unhealthy hair same as when you see shiny curly hair, it instantly indicates vibrant health and healthy hair. However, having curly hair type makes it a little harder to get that shine, because curly hair refract light due to its many turns and bends, giving it a dull appearance, unlike straight hair that reflect light due to its smooth surface.

Reasons for dullness include the following: wrong use of products, using too much  products and allowing your hair to get dirty (because dust and grime forms a film and inhibits light reflection). Another reason you may not be getting that shiny curly hair you’ve always  wanted could be because the hair is damaged. Damaged hair does not shine as virgin hair because the damage (from physical trauma or chemical processing) raises the hair’s cuticle. The best way to get rid of dull hair is to have it clean (with a sulfate-free shampoo), so before you follow the tips below, you may want to clean and hydrate your curls first.


So if you are on to some serious shiny curly hair goals, here are a few tips

Deep condition with moisturizing hair masque:

Deep conditioning helps restore moisture and makes hair more manageable while strengthening your curls. You may want to include a 30 minutes deep conditioning treatment with heat into every wash session (which should be every 2 weeks at least) or if you do not have the time you can deep condition your hair twice a month with heat, this should result in shiny curly hair.

Rinse hair with cold water

After washing your curly hair, rinse it with cold water. Cold water when used on hair seals the cuticle giving you a shiny curly hair.

Always use leave-in conditioners:

After cleansing your hair with sulfate-free shampoo and rinsing it with cold water, apply leave-in conditioner. Conditioners used after cleansing help flatten the cuticle, giving you a smoother, shiny curly hair which reflect light, and when used continually it raises the moisture level and improves shine.

Get shiny curly hair with penetrating oils

Penetrating oils, such as coconut oil, almond oil and  Olive oil have been scientifically proven to possess the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and reach the cortex of the hair to nourish, lubricate it and enhance the hair’s natural radiance. As the oils lubricate the strands, the rate of moisture loss is hindered. Many curly-haired sisters turn to these oils to seal in moisture from wash day and to finish a style giving you a shiny curly hair result.

Bonus: All the tips above can be incorporated into a single hair regimen.

How do you get shiny curly hair that immediately catches attention? Share your comments below.
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