So first of all there’s no right or wrong reason to grow natural hair, taking that leap of faith is what makes it worth it. That being said, there are so many reasons you should go natural, so if you are straight haired now and you are still considering growing your natural hair, here are some reasons to do it already.

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  1. Growth:

    Black hair is very fragile due to its structure, adding chemicals to it only makes it more fragile and prone to damage, making it difficult to grow beyond a certain length, this is the reason most women find that they grow stronger, fuller and more resilient strands at once they start growing natural hair.

  2. Flexibility:

    Having natural hair helps you live life without your hair being in the way, especially if you are an active person like an exerciser, a yoga master or swimmer.

  3. Sense of freedom and self acceptance:

    Going natural makes you feel liberated in the sense that there’s no limit to natural hair, you set the schedule for it, you let it frizz as it wishes, and you also get to embrace new growth instead of feeling pressured to retouch your hair at the very sight of new growth.

  4. Growing your hair natural is healthier for you and your hair,

    research has shown the many dangers of using relaxers on the hair and the body at large, growing your hair naturally gives you a break from that.

  5. Natural hair is beautiful:

    I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve gotten compliments on my hair from strangers and friends alike even with the least effort,even though it seem challenging at first, but as it grows and you begin to get the hang of it, it becomes easy and so beautiful.

  6. Natural hair is versatile:

    Natural is so versatile, you can do a whole lot of styles with it.

  7. Growing your natural hair helps you learn your hair:

    You become your own hair guru once you go natural because you soon realize that not everyone can care for it. Your favourite stylist, when you had relaxed hair, may be a total flop coming in contact with natural hair.

  8. Money and time saver:

    Unless you are a product junkie or go to the salon every week, growing natural hair shouldn’t  be costly because all you need is the basics; shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, styler, and bobby pins.

  9. Need a change or excitement?

    If you are tired of styling your hair the same way every time or your hair is thin, breaking or damaged due to usage of harsh chemicals. Going natural might just be the change you need. Getting a new look can be exciting.

  10. Hair inspiration:

    Growing your natural hair inspires and  encourages both peers and the next generation to do same.

  11. Big and warm natural communities:

    The natural hair community is big, warm and  full of love for newbie naturals.

If you want to go natural make sure it is your decision and you are not being pressured into it, remember it is your journey. And no matter the texture your natural hair is, love and embrace it and it will grow.
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