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How to grow long hair


1. Use conditioner every time you shampoo

Over time, strands get thin from colouring, chemical and heat styling. This is where conditioner comes in. Conditioner replaces lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft and seal the hair cuticle to help prevent more damage from occurring, so that your hair can grow longer and look healthier. Conditioners also strengthen hair and help retain moisture. To grow long hair, you should apply conditioner to hair every time you shampoo, to get its goodies.

2. Regular trims:

By now you are probably wondering how cutting your hair will make it grow longer, but the truth of the matter is, split ends lead to loss of hair length, shine, volume and smoothness and when left for long it causes your hair to break off more often leaving you with shorter hair than if you get consistent trims. To grow long hair include trimming in your regimen by trimming every three to four months to help maintain length, or trim every four to six months to allow it to grow in length.

3. Don’t shampoo every time you shower:

Shampoo serves the purpose of washing away dirt and product buildup but it can also strip your hair of it essential natural oils that keep the strands healthy and soft (especially if you have black hair). In order to avoid this you have to stop washing your hair whenever you hit the shower. When cleansing your hair, shampoo only the scalp and let the suds slide down the strands cleaning the rest of the hair as it slides.

4. Try a skin test with your hair care products:

How does your skin feel after applying a particular hair care product on it? Does it burn? Does it feel greasy, heavy, dry, waxy or sticky? The exact way it makes your skin feel is the way it is making your hair feel. To grow long hair, you have to make sure your hair care product is not clogging and congesting your hair follicles. It shouldn’t burn either.

5. Stop abusing heat styling:

To grow long hair you need to watch out the way you use heat. This is because heat, when not done properly and too often, damages hair. So whenever you want that sleek straight hair consider using heat less methods of straightening hair or if you must use heat remember to use heat protectant and follow the right steps of heat styling.

6. Always finger detangle first:

When detangling hair make use of your fingers first to detangle starting from the tip and working to the root and use products with a lot of slip. This reduces the amount of small tangles, which usually form big knots, and reduces the amount of hair on the floor of the bathroom. When you are done finger detangling you can then use your wide tooth comb to finish the look.

7. Eat the right foods:

To grow long hair means more strengthen hair on your head, right? So to prevent unnecessary shedding you should increase your intake of proteins such as whole grains, beans, fish and nuts. This will promote hair growth from the inside.

8. Consider taking hair boosting multivitamin supplement:

In addition to eating the right food, you may consider adding hair boosting supplements (such as Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions, Perfectil, Manetabolism, and Hairfinity) to your morning routine. I’ve taken a few hair boosting supplements and I’ve seen it work too (but remember we don’t have the same genetic makeup). However If you do have plans to add this to your routine, please check in with your doctor to make sure it does not interact with any medications you are taking at the time and that you are taking the right dosage. While buying supplements look for those formulated and labelled ‘For Hair, Skin and Nails’. They usually contain vitamins like Biotin, B Vitamins and vitamins A and C which promote hair growth.

  9. Always rinse hair with cold water:

I know cold water rinse might be a little chilling but if you want to grow long hair with a glossy healthy look, cold water is one of the many ways to go about it. This is because cold water seals the hair cuticle thereby preventing moisture loss, heat damage and snags and increases shine. Rinsing your hair with cold water over time makes a huge difference to the health and appearance of your hair.

10. Apply an oil or mask treatment weekly:

The ends of your strands are old and require more attention in order to avoid breakage if you are going to retain length. So giving it that TLC in the form of pre-shampoo treatment (or hot oil treatment if you may) is one of the ways to go about it. You can try DIY Prepoo treatment for hair repair

11. Get a satin/silk pillowcase or bonnet:

Opt for silk or satin bonnet or pillowcase if you want to grow long hair. Reason being that satin or silk has soft surface and won’t cause friction neither will it absorb moisture from the hair like cotton does.

12. Ditch that towel:

You may think that wrapping your hair in a super soft bath towel is the thing to do after washing your hair, but the truth is that towel is causing so much breakage that you may not be aware of and the fine, tiny and fragile hair along your hairline, is even more prone. It also causes fizzing and disrupts natural curl pattern. That should be enough reason for you to ditch it and go for microfiber hair towels (super thin and soft if possible) or old T-shirt. These are more gentle on the hair.

13. Less manipulation:

To grow long hair, you might have to put it away in protective styles as these reduces manipulation and gives you time for other things that matter too.

13. Practice patience because you can’t grow long hair overnight:

You may have to practice patience because hair typically grows about a 1.25 centimeters or 0.5 inches per month, or about 15 centimeters or 6 inches per year and that is if it is healthy without lots of split ends.

This may seem like a long list and you are probably wondering how you will do all of these, you can simplify these by incorporating it into a regimen. What other ways do you grow long hair?

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