If you have ever tried growing your hair long you will agree with me that getting rid of tangled hair can be one of the most dreadful time in your hair journey. You can’t help but be like ‘O, God not again!’, but detangling shouldn’t be something you hate doing, right? So I’m going to share with you some the reasons you are battling with tangled hair and tips for easy detangling.

1.Trimming and dusting:

The main difference between trimming and dusting is the length of hair being clipped from the head. Where trimming involves cutting half an inch to an inch of hair usually two times a year, dusting involves cutting less than a quarter inch such that the gathered clippings look like dust, hence its name. When you refuse to trim or dust your hair you encourage the formation of single strand knots and lengthened split ends which leads to lots of tangled hair come wash day. Dusting  your hair every six to eight weeks might be the solution to your detangling issues and you can do it yourself  by taking a small section of your hair and twirling it  around itself, cutting off the little hairs poking out of the twist or if your hair is already in twist you can just clip off the poking hair from the twist and the  ends of the twist just a quarter inch .

2. Often used hairstyle:

Your choicest hairstyle might be wrecking havoc for you without your knowledge. Hairstyles such as afro, wash and go etc., when used for a long time could create lots of tangled hair. So while having fun with your hair in those hairstyles remember to put them in twists in order to avoid a difficult detangling session.

3. Show some conditioning love:

Ok, so I raise my little finger here, I am so guilty of not conditioning often, and I can give you first hand information about the detangling battles I have been through, my biceps and triceps can tell the story. If you experience a lot of tangled hair then you should double or triple that conditioning session and you may want to try all forms of conditioning and that includes deep conditioning, leave-in conditioning, hot oil treatments and pre-pooing (my favourite-DIY Prepoo treatment for hair repair).

4. Prevention is better than cure:

So how about you do one small thing today, prevent the tangles, how do I mean? do everything in your power to prevent tangled hair, if you have to soak your hair in Olive oil, do  it. You want to put your hair in two strand twist, do it. If you feel the need to finger detangle throughout the week, do it. You have been thinking of hot oil treatment, stop thinking and just do it. Switch up hairstyles? Come on, just do it already.

So tell me your experiences with working those tangled hair, what measures do you take to ensure you have a stress free detangling session, are these tips helpful? Share your comments below, don’t forget to share this post with someone, it might go a long way.
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